Follow terrible advice sometimes

I am not talking bangs level seriousness here. Never, ever, ever pull the trigger on bangs if you haven’t already committed to them. Each time I almost convince myself that it is the time for bangs, I reel myself back in by remembering that even Giselle had to grow hers out. Everything else is fair game. Sometimes the biggest flashes of genius occur when you step way out of your comfort zone and I have found that what seems like terrible advice to begin with is a surefire way to do just that.

The top tier worst advice that you might want to take:

1) TRY IT! – The exclamation mark in this demand is the most important part. When someone is hugely enthusiastic about anything that isn’t dangerous or habit forming I say go with it. The worst case scenario is that you won’t like it and guess what – you will never have to wonder about it again.

2) Get over it. – This one is a punch to the gut and likely the one you need to follow the most. No one likes to hear it and that is why it’s consistently billed as “terrible”. Get over it usually routinely refers to a person more than a thing but is helpfully versatile to encompass any and all grudges or resentments a person could pick up along the way. This is best said in a neutral tone with a smirk and a one sided shoulder shrug. (kidding! That is the second worst way to dispense this particular advice, trumped only by a defiant yelling of the line).

3) You need a dog! – By far the most alluring of the bunch, you will resent heeding this multiple times, though not so many that you actually regret following it. Tonight, for example, I have been working on a project for several hours and as such have severely neglected the blog as well as the other work I need to edit. Once I buckled down to seriously brainstorm and write I was enlisted to help rally our dog inside due to the alarming presence of a raccoon in the yard (Why? Why you masked bandit?! Must you appear at 10:45 pm while it’s raining outside and I haven’t picked up the yard today?!).

Tonight is short but sweet because I didn’t follow my own (sound) advice to write early and edit later. But it’s important none the less. I am not a big risk taker which has been hugely beneficial in some areas and stifling in others, but I love a good bit of advice, even if I don’t take it. What is the best piece of advice you didn’t take or the worst piece of advice that worked out for you? I am always looking to add more to my toolbox.


4 thoughts on “Follow terrible advice sometimes

  1. Get over it. Yup. I’ve been working on that one for the past month or two (in all honesty, probably my whole life!) The IT in this circumstance IS a who and the who is me. Which goes back to advice #1’s TRY IT! The IT in this circumstance is exciting and exhilarating and at the same time scary and brings up all my insecurities. So thank you for the terrible advice. I will get over it, or in this case, get over myself long enough to try it and maybe along the way I will find a part of me that I never knew existed. After that I might stop by the shelter and get a dog 😉 Seriously, BEST ADVICE EVER!

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