The writing process so far

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“I love to do my Blog”


Little Sister would like you all to know that she has attempted to grow an avocado tree. This is important to know only because she is in the office with me right now “working on her own blog”. This means that she has set up a small “Frozen” themed fold up table about two feet behind me. Her preferred medium is currently manuscript paper (remember the fragile, tissue thin grayish kind with a dotted line sandwiched between two solid lines, so that you could practice writing your letters? That is manuscript paper.) She decided that she would like to write on the paper with two mechanical pencils (which keep breaking under the pressure) and a royal blue pen. She is helpfully pitching me post ideas such as “the avocado” which she would like to explain to everyone.Because she is learning to write we are encouraging her to sound out the words she hopes to use. In turn, we now have letters carefully written like this:

“The letter of the day is A”


And this:

“School is awesome because I made friends”


Also this:

“I am learning how to read”


As I try to discern what is written she tries to decide if I am pretending to be difficult or if I truly don’t know how to read. This combination is not exactly lending itself to the writing process. Although on early afternoons I am easily distracted by any and all of the following:

1. Dinner – even though I feel like I just finished cleaning up the kitchen from lunch, I know it is coming. Luckily today we have already mapped out a plan and have the ingredients at home, but it’s only a matter of time before the satiety from my kids second post-lunch snack wears off and they will start inquiring about dinner.

2. Bedtime – yes, I know I got there fast. But bedtime follows dinner and has a huge impact on the rest of the evening hours. Read: will I still be awake for an episode of “Stranger Things” after bedtime?

3. F.O.M.O. – also known as Fear of Missing Out. What should I be doing? Is the split between spending time with my daughter while working toward my goals actually working? Is something suffering? Are the kids unhappy?!?!?

4. F.O.M.E.U. – new acronym I made up to stand for Fear of Messing Everything Up. This is also known as conscious self-induced anxiety (again, my own jargon). Wherein a person laments one’s choices or the lack of decision making that occurred in a time period (like, for instance, the entire waking day, proceeding the moment one sits down to write).

5. Why I waited until this moment to write – this is a notoriously bad time for me as I am in the day slump. The energy I had to power through the first half is now gone, and I don’t have enough momentum built up to coast through the end just yet. This would be the perfect time for a cup of coffee but I don’t do that anymore. Ugh.

I think, for today, we are done here. Mostly because she is now opening all the desk drawers and asking incredibly specific questions about the items she is finding inside. (For example: Is this paint? What kind of paint is it? But what kind does that mean? Who picked it out? Why did Daddy buy it? Can I use it? (And that was in one breath)…

Everything I read says to establish a writing schedule and commit to it, the same time, the same place etc. What is working for you? What does your writing schedule look like? And is it a cop out to let your five year “guest post” about avocados? (I am just asking for a friend!)


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