Gone Fishing

Today we took the kids fishing. It was at a nearby park that we have hiked around as a family, a place we have gone to many times but never at this stage of the game with the girls and our poles. Years ago, we would navigate around ant piles that little feet didn’t quite discriminate against yet. A lot of effort was spent trying to explain this sign without causing nightmares…

Beware of Alligator sign. No big deal, you just don’t want to wind up in a death roll…


Today the sky was bright blue and full of Bob Ross inspired little happy clouds like these cotton balls propped up high above us.

Just a little puff of a cloud.


Everything slows down when you are doing this kind of fishing. You get a little more centered. You wind up and then you let go. There is a rhythm much like mindful, contemplative breathing that emerges, even when the lines get tangled or you hit a snag or two (or six, as I did in the reedy water).


When I took a step back to grab a water bottle for one of the kids, I saw this. I really saw these little girls who are growing bigger every day and this guy who loves us so much (as we do him). We were all in our element by stepping out of it. We had successfully left the house without the promise of how long we’d stay or who was getting exactly what out where we were going. It was a perfect summer moment of spontaneity and soulfulness. In our crew we thrive in nature, packing up a tent or hammocks to sling up in the trees finds us tired and thirsty but fulfilled. We have let go of that for a while as we worked toward other goals, but just the brush with the quietness on that little lake (maybe it’s a pond? I need to brush up on my bodies of water) felt renewing. I didn’t know how badly I needed that until I sat with it a little while.

Breathing space under my favorite clouds.


Tonight, we went to Open House at the kids’ school. It was packed with nervous and excited faces (mine among both categories). Though the energy was completely different, the all-around atmosphere of hopefulness felt the same. The same big sky that stretched out before us earlier took a more metaphoric definition by lending itself to the future education of all the bright little learners around us. The familiar faces of teachers and families we have met and made friends with felt a lot like looking to spots around the park today which I knew held hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Both places provided a welcome, happy homecoming.

I know this year will come with its own challenges for each of us. But I also know of a pretty good antidote to the hectic pace that school time brings. I thought about the lessons in both for our girls. It’s okay to make a splash. It’s also important to know when to be still. Consider others around you and your environment. Use your best judgement, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep your eyes open and look for the beauty – it’s all around you and inside of you too.


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